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If you are one of very few that haven’t been affected by cancer in some way, shape, or form, then I hope it stays that way.   The sad reality, however, is that 78% of us have been affected by this terrible disease and it’s scary to think that 1 in 3 reading this will develop cancer at some stage in their lifetime.

I wasn’t fully aware of the severity of the disease when I was growing up, which seemed strange given that my grandmother passed away from it before I was born and it was also the reason I went to my first funeral at a very young age. In the last few years, however, the pure harshness of this killer disease has become more apparent to me.  Driving home from seeing a great friend for the first time after her mastectomy, I knew that I had to somehow use DBA to do something for those who are affected by cancer.  In the very short time since I designed the INSPIRED BY CANCER bra, two other great friends have been given the bad news—giving DBA even more motivation to do what we can to create more awareness and fundraise for this disease and for all those affected by it.

We hope that the new INSPIRED BY CANCER sports bra will create more awareness for the disease as well as the start of many fundraising ideas in the very near future. DBA will donate 10% of profits fromsales of the INSPIRED BY CANCER bra to researching this disease.

In memory of Granny McLachlan, Uncle Giles, dearest Moy G and everyone who has lost their battle.

Inspired by Nicky, Debbie, Pippa, and all of you other there who are going through tough times. Every day try and be what it says on the front of this bra and do what it says on the back..... BEAT IT. 


Since launching INSPIRED BY CANCER we have been approached by friends/teammates of USA Rugby star, Jillion Potter, and here is her story:

There are very few athletes who have the courage after being knocked down, to get back up and run faster, harder, and stronger.   There are even fewer who do it twice.  2016 Olympic Rugby hopeful Jillion Potter is not like most.  She is one of a kind.  And she is taking on her next opponent with more courage, support, and faith than anything in her life.

Jillion Potter, USA Rugby Women's Eagle and Olympic hopeful, overcame a severe neck injury in 2010 to play in the 2013 7's Rugby World Cup and the 2014 XV's World Cup, after which she set her sights on preparing for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

However, shortly after returning from the XV's World Cup, Jillion found out that a tumor in her neck was Stage III Synovial Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. Jillion has had surgery to remove the tumor and will be undergoing aggressive chemotherapy and treatment for the next several months.

DBA has been totally inspired by Jillion's story and we are proud to support her by donating a further 10% from INSPIRED BY CANCER sales, to help support her medical and family's cancer-related costs.

We ask that you please share this with all your friends.



Available in various sizes, please see size guidelines below:


Band Size                               Size


Up to 30"             =                  XS


32"-34"               =                   S 


34"-36"               =                   M


36"-38"               =                   L


38"+                   =                   XL